* For people from different countries *


*Plume‘s massage*


Lymph drainage massage with warm and high quality 100%squalane oil.


By using warm oil moisture-retaining property is improved,

and muscle penetration is increased.


You can expect a calm and gentle healing effect for tired nerves,

also improved blood circulation as the treatment reaches your autonomic nerves.


When your organs or nerves get tired,uric acid,and stress compornent will be stored.

This causess body waste to accumulate.


Lymph drainage pushes body waste into the limph by deep tissue stroke,

so it is thought that body waste rides on the body ,

fluids flow,and then exit the body as urine or sweat.





Plume is located on level 33


It has a wonderful view and is set in a quiet and peaceful envisormento.

It's a space where you cann feel seperated from stress of daily life.





<Whole body oil massage>

60   mins    8,500yen

90   mins  11,000yen

120 mins  13,000yen

150 mins  17,000yen



Receptin time:   12:00pm-9:00pm

Opening houes: 12:00pm-11:30pm

[Please note,only 90minute sessions are available after 22:00] 

Tel:+81-80-9619-3388 / 080-9619-3388




Room3308 33nd Floor,AMS Tower,3-1,south9 west4,Chuoku,Sapporo-shi 

[there's a bridal salon on the ground floor in the building/ North faced.]



■Metro Namboku line Nakajima Koen sta. 1min walk from exit2.

■East across the street from Zeep Sapporo.

■In front of Noah's ark restaurant./ノアの箱舟



*Please read this before you book your massage*



■About our salon,This is not a Hospital or Medical Clinic.

■This salon doesn't perform acupuncture.

■We don't provide any sexual services.

■We refuse customers who are under the influence of alcohol,

or customres with a strong bodily odours. 

■We refuse customres with with a fever,wound,dermatitis,or infections diseases. 



*cancellation rules*


■Plase let us know if you will be late,or cancel your session.


■If you cancel after your arrival,you will be charged 50% of the original price.


























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